Whenever we receive word that we’ll be receiving a new child, I’m never sure what to expect… they might not come at all, they may be months or even years younger or older than we were first told, they may have many more health and/or development issues than initially thought, or in our case, the child may be perfectly healthy and they were made out to be much more fragile so that we would take them in.

As our newest, Cedro, was put in my arms at the social service office, I couldn’t help but marvel at this little one’s future with us. At just six months old, he’s already been through so much, and it’s now our job to help him overcome all of it as he grows up with us. What an awe-full responsibility.

He’ll be going in shortly for his final cleft palate surgery and will need some special after care, but for now it doesn’t seem to affect his ability to drink his bottle. For the short time he’s been with us, he’s a happy baby, bigger and healthier than we thought he’d be, and doesn’t mind getting loved on by all the kids and tias:)

Tia Evelin was super excited for Cedro’s arrival!

All our girls love taking care of the little ones, so Raeka was first with a big kiss for Cedro.

Lucas giving Cedro a big welcome hug.

The boys gathered round Cedro to check Cedro out and ask lots of questions about him.