October was a month full of birthdays at Corazon del Pastor, which meant lots of cake and celebrating!

Victoria, one of our youngest residents, celebrated her 4th birthday on October 11th. Because her brother lives at Pedacito de Cielo (The boys’ home), she celebrated there with cake and party favors, balloons and a pinata. She was excited about her celebration, not only because she was able to celebrate with her older brother, but also because her mom was present. When she arrived back at Corazon del Pastor, she had her fancy party dress and shoes on–Victoria was ready to keep the party going!

October 20th was a very special birthday celebration–our first girl turned 16! We celebrated Olivia’s 16th birthday at lunch with a delicious cake and extra birthday songs. She was pretty excited to turn 16, and is now our oldest resident. This was an exciting celebration because Olivia, who has been with us for almost 5 years, has grown and blossomed into a beautiful, intelligent, confident young woman, and we are so proud of the progress and growth we have seen over the years.

And, on October 25th, we celebrated Jhoselin and Johana’s 11th birthday! The twin sisters were extremely excited about celebrating their birthday with their two younger sisters. It is always a special celebration for the sisters because they appreciate and have so much love and respect for each other. Like Olivia, the twins have matured and grown so much during their 4 years with us.

As you can see, October was a fun, exciting month full of birthday celebrations. Each girls’ party was unique, but all were special–Victoria’s special party with her mother and brother, Olivia became our first 16-year-old, and the twins not only celebrated their birthdays, but also the love and bond they share. What a wonderful month–full of love, memories, and lots of cake!