I can honestly say, that it runs through my mind so often, that if I could adopt one or two or five of the children from one of our homes, I would do it in a heartbeat. I find it extraordinary how so easily and so fast your priorities in life can change. How three months ago, all you could see for yourself for the next five years was travel, and maybe marriage… maybe.  But more likely than marriage, you would be living at home with your mother until your thirty-four, because of how much money you won´t have, since you spent it all travelling the world.

But then suddenly, you meet the most incredible children, and you could honestly just take them for your your own, and forget your rolling stone life.  Instead of eating pad thai in Thailand, you´ll instead eat it on James Street North, and instead of going on Safari in Kenya, you´ll go to the Toronto Zoo.

Maybe this is the love that people spend their lives searching for, the one kind that can keep someone who is forever on the move, in one place.

Most of my friends find my six month sabbatical here, some type of undiagnosed insanity.  But this undiagnosed insanity is something anyone should wish to have.  But ofcourse at some point, financial reasons will bring this all to an end, and most likely leave me poorer than Oliver Twist or at least in the same salary gap.  But money comes and money goes.  That´s economics. 

I seriously cannot help but encourage any of you to come and volunteer with us.  Although, I do advise you to purchase some altitude sickness pills prior to driving to your nearest airport.  Only to save yourself from overwhelming nausia, and as a result of this having to lay on the floor outside of the airport bathroom in La Paz, as you await your connecting flight to Cochabamba. 

Regardless of what you think you might be missing where you are, generally home never changes. Travel always comes with the conflicting feeling where you feel as if you haven´t been home in a very long time, but then you also feel as if you were just home yesterday.  Even if you come for a week, I am positive that without any convincing you will stay longer.  All it really takes is an impulsive purchased unreturnable flight to get the ball rolling, and then the power of 34 unforgettable faces.

– Carla