We were reluctant to post another news item about complications with Guillermo until we had all the details. Guillermo has been in the hospital the past few days because of a fever we noticed (he was showing no other signs of illness), and we were hoping that it might have been something minor so he’d be home in a few days. However, we received the test results back today, and when meeting with the doctor, he told us that the fever was due to infective endocarditis. He said this is not an uncommon post-operative complication, but doesn’t think that the infection occurred during the surgery or we would have seen a fever much earlier on. We are encouraged by his excellent prognosis, as the doctor feels that we caught the infection very early on, but as any good doctor, he won’t give us any guarantees.

Guillermo needs to be on a strenuous course of antibiotics for the next 4-6 months. The first course consists of remaining in the hospital for at least another 14 days while on constant intravenous delivery of the medications. Pray for Guillermo and all of us taking care of him! He shows no sign of illness and wants to be on the go. He’s close to walking and wants to keep trying, but we can’t let him because we need to be careful of his central line. Overall he’s in good spirits, but it’s tough trying to keep a toddler occupied for hours on end!

The second course of antibiotics can be administered at home, which is good news, but the cost of these specialized medications are going to put a strain on our budget. We received excellent news today that Solidarity Bridge is going to continue to support us financially in helping to cover Guillermo’s care! If you’d like to contribute to covering Guillermo’s medical expenses, you can go directly to our Give Now page and be sure to designate your donation for Guillermo’s medical expenses.

Also, Guillermo is one of our precious children at Pedacito de Cielo who is in need of sponsorship. If you would like to sponsor him, or one of our other children living with a compromised immune system, please visit our sponsorship page and invest in a life today!