It had been proving to be one of those days, a tough start with little sleep and no coffee, a general feeling of malaise (could be fighting a cold?), my left contact kept blurring up which I knew was going to lead to a stress headache eventually as I tried to stare at my computer and trudge through grant proposals in their various stages.  Yeah, one of t h o s e days.

But then in walked Alandra.

Now, technically she’s supposed to ask before entering if I leave the office door open, but she was such a cutie standing in the doorway, I didn’t correct her when she came in all bubbly… and wet. Her kindergarten class had been cancelled due to flooding, and she was still pretty soaking despite her rain poncho. She immediately snuggled right up to me and greeted me. We chatted about nothing in particular but her little chipmunk cheeks and gappy smile was just the heart melting that I needed. What a restorative moment to just put all those complaints and grownupy things aside and to just enjoy being silly and love on this little one, and let her love me back! Yeah, the rest of the day wasn’t so terrible:)