After being here almost 2 years, I have seen the children blossom, mature, and grow into beautiful young women and young boys. I often look through my photos of when I arrived in June 2010, and the kids have matured so much…too much. We no longer have a bunch of little babies that we can hold and feed, cuddle and rock. And, many of the girls pay less attention to make believe and dolls, and now pay more attention to getting ready for school and weekend activities.

I appreciate that I have had the chance to watch these wonderful children grow and mature, but only wish we could hold onto their childhood for a little longer. However, growing up is inevitable. But, I wish we could still rock some of the kids, and snuggle with them while a book is being read. I wish I could see more of them playing with dolls, and pretending to be princesses in a far away land.

But, I guess, we just have to hold onto those wonderful childhood memories, and can look back at the pictures of where they came from and who they were.