Right now is a time of transitions–a new location of Pedacito de Cielo, the little girls of PdC moving to Corazon del Pastor, teams are arriving soon (which means changes in the daily schedule and routine). But, change is not always something daunting, which I learned while moving to Cochabamba, Bolivia. At first, something different from the ordinary can be scary, but after some time and getting used to, change is good, it’s a part of life, it’s healthy. An alteration to life can open new doors and assist in self-growth, something else I have learned while working for Ninos con Valor.

Today, I took Victoria, Raeka, and Lily to visit the girls’ home. All three need this adjustment period to get comfortable in a new house, to a new routine, to new residents, and to new food. At first, they were very timid and hesitant. But, as time passed, they were much more comfortable–doing puzzles with the other girls, playing on the slides and the swings. The hand holding and small amounts of carrying drifted away into chasing after the older girls and wanting to be involved in the house activities.

It was amazing to see how quickly the girls at Corazon took to the older sister role, helping and making the three little ones feel so comfortable. They helped during lunchtime making sure the little ones were eating well and got enough food. Before and after lunch the older girls played games and puzzles with the younger three. It made me so proud to be a part of the lives of such loving, kind young women, who always help when needed.

Transitioning the three little ones into Corazon will be tough, as any change is, but they will be so happy! They will have 22 older sisters to give them attention and play with them. Just in one day, Lily, Raeka, and Victoria began their transition into Corazon del Pastor. It may be difficult and take some time, like any life alteration, but in the end it is all for the better, and I know the three little ones will enjoy their time at the girls’ home.