We have 482 people receiving our monthly newsletter, 82 people receiving our weekly prayer letters, 76 fans of our Facebook page and 549 members of our Facebook cause. This is awesome!

This also means that our family is SO MUCH bigger than what we see here in Bolivia- the 19 staff, 7 volunteers, 33 kids and 2 families, not to mention our expanding relationships with communities in Mizque. You are a part of NCV and we want to extend a great big thank you for being a part of this exciting community and throw out some potential times that we will be traveling to see if we can’t stop in, visit, and maybe plan some sort of fun get-to-know NCV time. Right now, we are looking at having some of our volunteers visiting in the US and Canada May, October and November.

Will you be around?

Nothing is too small or too large. We are looking to enter into new partnerships with churches, small groups and individuals, and to meet in person the folks who have been investing their time, prayers and finances behind the scenes to make our programs possible.

If you want to connect with us, hear stories of our kids, get to know even more about the great things that are happening here in Bolivia, or if you think you are up to helping us organize an event in your area, please write us at info@ninosconvalor.org.